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Brian Ternoway is Raising Funds for Habitat Gateway North

Individual Rank : 2 out of 30
Team Rank : 2 out of 8

Their Goal: $ 7,500.00

$8,125 raised!

Team Ternoway

Captain: Brian Ternoway


Raised so far

Brian Ternoway

I have been involved with Habitat for over 10 years helping build affordable housing in the Muskoka area, providing a hand up to families.

I have participated in 5 builds and am currently a member of the board of directors for the Habitat Ontario Gateway North affiliate.

My initial personal goal in this campaign was to raise over $3,500 by biking over 100km during the month of October. However, based on the generous support I have received so far, I have increased my goal to $7,500. I would greatly appreciate any support that you can provide me.

Thank you and stay safe.


P.S. I biked over 130km in October, even though I had a major back injury that put in out for 2 weeks.

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Brian Ternoway donated $50

Anthony & Tanya Tuzi donated $250

William R Forrest donated $100

Peter Cross donated $50

Alan Mallory donated $50

Dan & Gloria J Costigan donated $100

"Great, great cause, Brian. Stay safe."

Michael Stein donated $50

Robert Barrett donated $50

"Congrats on exceeding your (revised upward) goal !!"

Roger Garriock donated $100

"Best of luck!!! Roger."

Lindsay Ternoway donated $100

"Such a great initiative that you're a part of. They are lucky to have your contributions. Good luck with your ride! "

Michael G Biskey donated $200

"Happy Thanksgiving Brian and great job on your campaign!"

Ross & Rosemary Rosier donated $100

"Brian .... Congrats on your great work !!!"

Arthur Penty donated $100

Frank Holmes donated $1,000

Anonymous donated $50

Richard Wardell donated $100

Brian Burton donated $100

Peter And Gillian Mcmullin donated $100

Peter And Gillian Mcmullin donated $100

Eddie Schwartz donated $100

Michael Louli donated $500

"Great cause. Good luck "

Kara Price donated $50

Robert Michael Ward donated $100

"Awesome charity - thanks for the opportunity to support Brian and Habitat for Humanity!"

Randy T White donated $150

Rob Coulter donated $100

Rod A Stableforth donated $50

"Great project Brian. "

Jim And Cathy Johnson donated $150

Fred Ternoway donated $250

Kathy Ternoway donated $50

"Stay safe on your rides Brian!"

Mike & Pat Czetyrbok donated $50

"Outstanding work!"

Karl Driedger donated $100

Lindsay Duffield donated $200

Bob Ferguson donated $100

"Great work on Habinant Brian, we're happy to support you in this important cause! "

Rick D Mcgraw donated $750

"Ride safely. Job well done Brian."

Gary & Jan Getson donated $500

"Congratulations on creating this plan and all the best for delivering a great outcome"

Judy And Bob And Morine donated $100

Dennis H Cartwright donated $100

Tony Moretto donated $100

Rob Steele donated $100

"Safe riding!"

Tina Alexander donated $100

Rick And Karen Terry donated $200

"Great work Brian"

Neil Kirby donated $100

Pat Boyd donated $50

William D Mcgee donated $25

"A worthy cause."

Bob Birk donated $100

"Great work Brian. Glad to donate on your behalf. "

Len Klochek donated $100

Grant W Kingsley donated $100

"Hope this helps! Grant & M-J"

Brian Ternoway donated $1,000

"I am committed to supporting this campaign."